Huawei P40 Pro. The Camera Monster and Spec Giant 2020's Killer

Huawei P40 Pro In 2020 With Giant Specs

huawei p40
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This day will reveal the world's first smartphone with 7 cameras by Huawei. Today we will discuss the characteristics and properties of the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro with all its specifications.

 I understand that you want to read this quickly but I want to tell you what I have written in this post. So let's go towards the post and I will reveal all these phone things.

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Huawei's new flagship phone P40 will be the company's first device that will be set up with 5 cameras on the back.

 It is expected that the P40 and P40 Pro will be introduced in March 2020 and according to the latest Lexus, this phone will have a total of 7 cameras.

The first smartphone to be given a total of 7 cameras. The phone with 5 cameras on the back has been introduced. 

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2 cameras on the front with a Horizontal punch-hole display.

Mainstream angle cameras, sign cameras, time-of-flight sensors, periscope lenses (with 10x optical zoom support) and telephoto cameras with 9x optical zoom support or ultra-wide cameras will be provided in these upcoming brands of Huawei.

 It has a curved display beautiful which maybe 6.7 inches (17.02 centimeters) in the P40 Pro with quad HD Plus resolution while a fingerprint sensor with a refresh rate of 90 Hz will also be inside the screen.

8 to 12 GB RAM and will start with 128 GB storage

Android 10 operating system with its EMUI.
The phone is expected to be powered by the company's own Cadence 990 5G processor.

It is possible that Google provides Huawei the licenses and give permission to access is to provide the permissions and allow them to use their services.


I just want to tell you that If you are the internet user and always want to use the social media platforms than I suggest you not to buy this awesome phone because it can not provide you these services and platforms. 

The Google services and American provided platforms is not available in this flagship. They provide you their own services but no one can fight with google and its platforms.

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