Complete Tricks To Save Smartphones From Hacking in 2020 and 2021

Save Smartphone From Hacking in 2020:-

Complete Tricks To Save Smartphones From Hacking in 2020 and 2021

Today we are going to discuss "How To Save Smartphones From Hacking". We should discuss this topic of how to prevent our smartphones From being hacked because in 2020 the hackers become more dangerous for smartphone users as they have hacked phone of the Boss of Amazon. So this topic is more useful for smartphones users.

In fact you can somehow prevent your Smartphone phone from hacking and the truth is that this is the age of smart phones and there will be very few people in the world who are far away from this technology.  The number of users using it is increasing day by day and is becoming more or less limited by the world.  You are seeing an increase in the trend of people towards this technology as it offers a lot of benefits to the people.  And some people have started doing millions and millions on the same smart phone.

Although your mobile phone offers many benefits, you may also face disadvantages and problems.  When you start doing something good on your mobile phone, people with bad thoughts start moving towards you and they want to somehow take special data from your mobile phone and they can pull you in the hell. That is why we have to keep our mobile phone as safe as possible.

This process is known as hacking which is totally illegal and dangerous. Today I will provide you the safety coverage techniques through which you can save you from any type of hacking of your phone and you have to just follow these techniques.

So without talking father let's go to our lists.

Don't Install Suspicious Apps And Don't Jailbreak.     

Outside of the supported app stores run by Apple, Google and Amazon, there is a whole range of dangerous apps that expose your device to hacking. People do this mostly for installing games and to watch the illegal things for their bad wishes and this can make him pay a huge amount in the future.

Everyone who wants to save download any type of app-only from the play store because the suspicious apps are not allowed by the Google play store.

 Google is also working to make the Play Store safer than ever.  For example, when you install programs, Google Play Protect can automatically scan your Android device for malware.
This is not given by the play store indifferent we have to  set this setting on our mobile

FOR this go to>

Settings > Security > Play Protect>On
For maximum security, click Full Scanning Security Threats. 

IOS jailbreaking is an extension of Apple device privilege intended to eliminate software restrictions imposed by Apple on the iOS, iPad, TVOS and Watch OS operating systems.  This is usually done using a series of kernel patches.

If you don't use, uninstall the app.

Uninstall useless apps

  Each request comes with its own security issues.  Most Android software vendors do a great job of updating their programs. If you are not using an application, get rid of it.  The lower the program on your smartphone, the less chance for hackers from being hacked your smartphone.

I am recommending you this because some apps do not have the best security to being saved from hackers.

So don't install apps to full your internal storage on the other hand install apps only which you want to use.

Lock your phone Completely

lock the phone completely

I know this gesture may not be so appealing to people because everyone thinks I already know it and there is nothing wrong with it.  But I want to assure you that when you lose your phone or anyone snatches your phone and gets access to your credit card and other essential accounts, you realize this.  It's good that you still understand this fact and completely lock your mobile phone.

  The best way to keep your mobile phone too safe is with a password, i.e. one to two digits.  There are also more advanced ways to use such as fingerprint scanners and face unlock, which are much easier to access and over time, so be aware that for better security your smartphone password should contain numbers.

Lock Your Apps Completely

lock the phone apps

Many people have online accounts like Paypal and Easy paisa there as well as Jazz Cash on their mobile phones and save most of their income there.
  If we talk about banks, you will not feel the danger of your money there because there are others who are given money to keep your money safe. 
 But the online banking process is very different and easy. Here you have to take steps to secure your money which you can do with a good password.

  But many times a friend gets to know your password to your friends and relatives and he she  tells it to other people and when someone asks for your mobile phone and you give them  And you can go anywhere else in the the moment they can transfer money from your account list to another account with your own money.

  So that is why I am telling you that it is not enough to have a password, even your own account-created app should have a password and do not let anyone know about it if your mobile phone has fingerprint support so just open your app by fingerprint and do not let yourself know your password.  That way you can secure your account and your own money without paying anyone else. 

Keep your phone's operating system up to date.

updating phone

  When you receive the alert on your phone you need to update your phone. Social media platforms and messaging companies like Facebook and WhatsApp are also in the race against hacking and these companies have also issued a warning to spread awareness among their customers.

So you can get two benefits by updating your mobile phone, first, you can access the best features of the app and secondly, you can securely save your mobile phone.  Making it More difficult for hackers to hack your smartphone.

Use public Wi-Fi with caution

  There is a real risk of using open Wi-Fi in public places.  Never use an unsecured wireless connection without to password to access your personal information, such as checking your account balance. 

Many people and my friend also have this problem because one time he has used this connection and he tries to check his personal account where he saves his money by using his password. After three to four days when he rechecked his account balance, there is nothing except 000 zero 00. For your information, I want to tell you how many rupees he lost? The answer is 20000 rupees.
So be safe and use only  Wi-Fi connections with password and HTTP connections also. Live far away from this unsecured wireless connections.

Use anti-virus software.

using antivirus

Keep in mind that mobile phones do not need the same type of anti-virus as a computer, but I think it is important to tell you that the virus is getting stronger and stronger.  Like a computer, antivirus is forcing to your Smartphone.  

 You can install a good antivirus on your phone by downloading it from anywhere or downloading from the Play Store. 
 The reason we need this requirement is that now the way it used to be a computer, now it will be the same mobile phone as you are using more than your computer.  So, now remember to use good anti-virus on your mobile phone daily so that the load you get from your other app is lighter and your phone will be faster By this.  
If you search the Internet you will find thousands of apps that are ready to provide you with this security, but you can just put it on your phone which is a good rating and its reviews are very good.  The downloads are also very high. 

Keep your mobile phone number private

There are a few things to consider to keep your mobile phone number private.  At first, you should avoid distributing numbers to protect your number.  This means that everyone creates an account somewhere and uses the same number you used for your private account.  It is not appropriate to use your number in such places, as it is possible that your number and your private voting address through which they can access your private accounts and create a problem for you.  

 There are also some steps you can use when calling your number, and instead of entering your private number, it will make your number safer.  But these are the things you don't need much
  Keep in mind that you will never use these numbers to register yourself on any suspicious apps.
But if you to use your number anywhere and hide your password and don't reveal your password to anyone there is a less chance for hackers to hack your smartphone

Don't share personal details on social media

It's no matter that you are sharing your information like your name and your country on social media platforms like Facebook Twitter and Instagram etc.

The only one thing you keep in your mind is that you don't provide your details on these platforms like your family details, your religion details your family members' details and much more.

These strategies will make you safer because the hackers before making a plane want to collect more information about you and they use these platforms to collect your data.
So follow these steps to be safer. But nowadays Facebook is offering you to hide your personal information in your privacy setting. By this, you can show your details only that you wish. This is not given by Facebook in default you have to set this setting in your privacy. 

Turn off app notifications

turn off notification for apps

Most apps constantly provide you notifications on your lock screen as a pop-up message and can collect your data illegally by using some hacks and I think many people don't want to do so.
When you are chatting with your friends and relatives it appears on your lock screen also and the notifications also show comes on your lock screen so so you can consider that the apps which are are providing notifications have access to your lock screen and can get your information when you are chatting with your friends and also with lock screen

So to be safer you can turn off notifications of these apps in your setting and after you turn off the notifications you will not get pop up messages from those apps. 

notification off for apps


I have to give laws of time to get and to search information about this and then I start writing and I hope after reading you have enjoyed and have lunch something and some strategies. 
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