Google Play Store: Hidden Features, tips and tricks (Advance Play Store Users) 2020

Top Hidden Features, tips, tricks and Hacks of Play Store

Google Play Store: Hidden Features, tips and tricks (Advance Play Store Users) 2020

In today's post, we're going to discuss some Hidden features, tips and tricks of Play Store, most of them, and they are hidden features and some things people didn't think about play store and it did. 

So before starting with that title today, I want to tell you what the Play Store is all about.  I'm sure many of you care about the play Store, but I think it's important to point out that there is an application provided by Google that lets us get easily Essential free apps and lots of cool stuff to find.

 The app also has a lot of things to offer people, but some of them are not very well presented, they are usually not presented, and they are not available in the default systems.  if we have access to these systems we can.  Take advantage of knowing and using these things yourself.

Now let's start most wanted features of Play store everyone should know.
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  1. Become Beta Tester Of App

First I tell you what a beta tester is, then so the beta tester in the Play Store gives you convenience, you don't need to get any updates from any app.  First, you have to look at everything correctly and then you will understand the good things to do to update it. 

 Whether you're available on the Play Store, you don't even have to publicly check before making the latest offer.

 All you want to do is click on the apps from the  Play Store and go down.  At the  bottom, you have to become a beta tester option.  Click that thing on play store and check for updates

become beta tester of an app

2.    Select only Top Category Apps For You.

select top category app

Looking at the picture, you guys have comes to understand what I am talking about.  Yes, by doing this you can get apps and games for yourself that are on the first page and good but I cannot guarantee that you will get the best because some apps are also new, which are good but not on the front page.  

Which you have to go to the top charts and you will get top-rated and most downloaded apps 

 Click on what is shown in the picture and after searching above you will only be shown what you are working with and most will be downloaded. 

 This feature is also great sometimes when we are in a hurry, and we do not have time to search, so at the moment we are using it to put good apps in perfume.

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3.     Turn off Auto Install Update

turn off auto update of apps

It often occurs with us that we have Data for our own, and we do not even know when our internet data is gone and later we keep thinking about how this happened, and we are worried.  

 And not only this, but storage on our mobiles is starting to decrease and when we see what we put into storage that we are not working on, we get upset.  This means that the mobile is damaged.  This has never happened or happened to anyone else. 

 So I tell you that this is not a mobile fault but your fault that you were deliberately running your mobile without this option and wasting your data and your money and storage loss on your mobile.  

Even if you don't want an app that you want because the updates are too much MB and constantly updated, your mobile data gets deleted if you have Wi-Fi, data storage. 

 No problem to do  Updating apps completely will not be a problem, storage will also be resolved and you will be updated whenever you want and others will let you stay that way.

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4.   Update Your Play Store For Better Result

You should update your Play Store for a better result because as every app has updates Play Store also has updated but you cannot see the play store updates on your Google Play Store apps. 

If you want to update your Play Store for a better experience and first work you should go to your setting and then find Play Store version and click that think and after a while, they tell you that your app is up to date or not.

 If the message up to date comes on your screen it means that your app is up to date and you don't need to update your Play Store.

On the other hand, after clicking is shown update your Play Store then you have to click on the update and then and it redirects to your Play Store app and then you can update your Play Store.

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5.  Add Apps To Wishlist For Later Download

Sometimes we are in hurry, and we can't  get time to check the apps which we think are good for us and you wish that I can check this later and you cannot save that Apps for you because you don't have an idea about this wishlist.

So if you want to know about this>>>>
 Simply go to your setting and then you see the wishlist on the IV section of your Play Store. You have to place apps on your wishlist for a later watch.

For this you have to go to the which you want to save for later and then press the app icon for a long time you will get a list after installing the app and on the upper side of the date think you will see the add to a wishlist for later Watch.

This is written on the upper side of the installation icon in the smaller size you have to click on that add to wishlist and after a click on that there the app is added to the wish list and you can reach that app easily anytime by clicking on the wishlist site in your play store setting. 

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6.  Get The Apps Easily Which You Have Uninstalled.

Unintentionally, you uninstall some of your favorite apps and later encounter you if you start searching and find them too difficult.  

But the Play Store has options that save apps uninstalled after they are installed, and you can easily install and enjoy them later.  If you would like to do this, you will see three lines at the top of your Play Store's left site.  

After clicking a little there you have to click on the first option then you will see.  This will happen to everyone who has their own install and you can easily install them.


To get better things should work hard and as I said I collect these tips and tricks for Play Store users so that they don't miss the best Hidden Features and tricks of Google Play Store they provided for advance Google Play Store users.

We have discussed and learned the Top hidden Features, tips and tricks of Google Play Store with way more easy to understand way with image guide.

If you don't want to read the whole content the images will work for you. You can see image guides to get the trick and if you want to know how it works, then definitely you should read the content.

I hope you got something useful and I could help you a little. 
If you don't mind can you share it with your friends on social media so that it will benefit your friends and me also. As I helped you, you can also help me.

If you have any type of question regarding play store or this content share it with us doing comment below. We will definitely reply you with answer. 
And at last Thanks for reading Tips and Tricks of Google Play Store.


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