Top 10 New Whatsapp features, Tips, Tricks and Hacks |2020| Expert Points

Top 10 New Whatsapp Features, Tricks & Hacks 2020

Top 10 New Whatsapp features, Tips, Tricks and Hacks |2020| Expert Points

So, my friend, I wrote it and you are reading it.I have find you looking for new WhatsApp features and tricks so I have listed for you the top 10 Whatsapp new features and tricks which will provide you all the information to become an expert Whatsapp user.

These Whatsapp tricks are totally available on all mobile phones. Hope your friends don't know about these and you can easily surprise them by sending text, image, video or even status.

So, before we start I would like to thank all readers as they give their time to read my posts in these busy days. I sure you will enjoy reading these 10 New Whatsapp Features, tricks and hacks 2020

Introduction of Whatsapp

Friend, I think that you all are familiar with this site. But I want to introduce the Whatsapp because some people didn't have an idea of Whatsapp and its features. It provides us private things. We can message anyone easily and quickly using Whatsapp. I think it destroys traditional calling and messaging. It also provides audio and video calling with anyone we want.

This is available on an android and PC. So friend its enough for you to know little about Whatsapp. So we should go to the main point.

10 New Whatsapp Featurs&Tricks

Change Font Style to Your Will

So, Friends, everyone wants to write in a style and you also in Whatsapp when forwarding some text to friends or anyone. But they can't find any font changing thing in Whatsapp. 

This Whatsapp trick is awesome as we can make our text bold, italic, monospace and we can get across the line on the center of text as whatsapp.

How To Make Text Bold (awesome text style)

  If you want to make your text bold simply open the text box and type (* ------*) means star, your text and Star. After You type this the text will automatically bold.

bold text on whatsapp

Make your text Italic

Simply type ( _ --------_ ) means underscore >text > underscore and you will get an italic text for your messaging and chat. After You type this the text will automatically become italic and you don't need to do anything with your .

make your text italic in whatsapp

Get Strike Over thought Text
If you want to get cross on your text like this (whatsapp) You can do this on your Whatsapp. For this, You have to open the chat menu and type (~ -------- ~) and you text will automatically get cross over on your text.

Stike through text in whatsapp

Try Monospace:

Type ``` your text ```. and you will get monospace in your text.
You can do this for either the entire message or just certain words or phrases. If these seem like too many steps to remember, then alternatively, both Android and iPhone users can tap and hold the text they're typing and select the 'More' option > and choose among bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace.

Turn Off Auto-Download and Save Your Data.

auto download off in whatsapp

Sometimes we have needed an urgent data package and when we have a money shortage. We can get a short data package and we don't want to lose that data on any site including Whatsapp.

Our data will automatically eated by WhatsApp due to the videos, images and audio files that are automatically downloaded.

So if you want to get control over Your downloads and want to save your data you have to do this simple task.

for this click on the 3 dot icon on the top right corner on your Whatsapp and click on settings and scroll down a little, you will see ( data and storage usage) and scroll down and click on ( when using mobile data)  click on that and unmark all that options and now You can download any type of file on your Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Settings > data and storage usage > when using mobile data> Unmark all

Check Quickly Is My Whatsapp Hacked

If You want to check is anyone using my Whatsapp without my permission or anyone hacked my Whatsapp. This Whatsapp trick is very useful for those people who mostly do their best and important works using Whatsapp or sending any important file and media to anyone. 

you don't check this your secret things will stoled by the person who is using your Whatsapp and if you ignore this you will get a big loss if they get any type of information about your accounts and anything.

So If You want to check this and find out if anyone one then > clicks on the 3 dot icon on the top right corner> you will see > Whatsapp Web > click > You will see if anyone using your Whatsapp and mobile and windows. You will see the last active and device where they are using.

So if you don't want them to use further your Whatsapp click > Log Out> You will find this below on those things. So simply click on log out and if they want to use your Whatsapp the Whatsapp will automatically log out for him and they need the password and number to log in again,

You find out them change your Whatsapp password and then no one can access your Whatsapp account.

Don't let anyone know if you see their Message

You will notice that if anyone on your Whatsapp chat site read your message you will see a double Yes sign like this ( blue double click ✔️✔️) . They will also know if you see their message with that double dot.

last seen off on whatsapp

Sometimes we don't want to let them know we see their messages because we are not in the to reply to them and if we don't reply to them they will be furious to us and we don't want to do so. 

Most people try to find any trick to don't let them know you see their messages and media. So if you don't have any idea about this I am here to let you know this trick.

Simply click on > 3 dot icon on top right corner> click on > Account > Privacy > scroll down a little > Unmark > read receipts.  Now your friends will never get any idea as you see the files they had to send you.


 You also will never know they have read your messages and both of you will live in ignorance and I enjoy.

Let Anyone Know Where are You
If you want to send your lacation and want them to know where are you, you can do this.

Why Do This

    Sometimes our friends want to know where  we are? and we also don't have idea about where we are because we are not well known at those places.

   So if you don't have any trick or idea to send your lacation to your friends, it's simple and you can do this simply just follow us.

Open Whatsapp > Go to anyone's chat site > open chat box > click on icon back to video sending icon. > click on > Send Your Location > OR Send Your Current Location > OR  > send live location.

Here comes my location to send and I have sent my location my and He will save me from You readers.

Save Your Whatsapp From Hackers to Hacks
Friends, it's possible that any hacker can hack your Whatsapp and use your privacy illegally and if they use your Whatsapp in any big hacking project and if they caught by the government they will never have to face any problem because the Whatsapp they have used is Yours. And then You will be caught by the police and they will completey will do better with you.

So save yourself from this big problem by just follow these whatsapp tips and tricks and no one can hack your WhatsApp. This whatsapp trick is one of the best offer for bussiness and any rich person who do something special with whatsapp.

Want to do So
Click On 3 dots icon >  simply click on settings > Go to Account > ON > Two-Step Verification.

and your Whatsapp is now secure and safe and no one can access your Whatsapp without you and your permission.

AND THEN  This image will help you?

Fetch Your Most Chating Friend's Window On Top Forever

We want to get the most chatting friend window very easily because we always chat with him

Why Do This

Because we don't want to get our most chatting friends window after many searches and everyone want to get those special friends chatting window easily and quickly.  For that time if you find any trick or hack to fetch his or her chatting window on the top You will get a good thing

what to do

 simply you can Pin that window and it will never go up down when messages arrive. You will find his or her window on the top of the chatting site.

 For this

Press that friends file window for a while > You will see many options on the top > Click on the Pin icon and you have done.


You can do this for many friends as you want

pin whatsapp chat

And now you have pinned and it always on the top and never up down with messages.

pinned whatsapp chat on the top

Quickly Delete and Unsent Accidentally Sent Messages

This trick is awesome as we can delete and unsent any accidentally sent messages and never let them know You have sent them any message and they never know what you sent.

why this

This hack will help you when you want to send any message to your friends and unconsciously the message sent to your father or any of your elder one. If you caught by them you will be punished by your elders badly and we never help you at that time.

So before any type of accident simply use this trick to save yourself from any type of accident.

What to do

Press and hold the message for a while > which you want to delete > you will see a dustbin icon on the top of the site of that chat site window. > just click on that icon to delete that particular message.

Problems And Issues You have to face

If the person who receives your message does not receive the delete request for that particular message in about 13 hours and few minutes then you will not be able to delete that particular message.

Delete Your Extra Accounts of Whatsapp 

This tip is more helpful for those persons who had to make more accounts on their whatsapp. 

 What will you get
I sure that you will face a problem like different messages on your different accounts and you can't have an idea of On Which Account the Message is?

What To Do

Its easy friends follow us

Go to settings > And then Accounts >click on > Delete my account <>Enter Your Whatsapp number>
Click on Delete my account > again click on delete my account.

Before clicking read the instructions and place your country.

Turn Off the "LAST SEEN" on Your Whatsapp

This feature will also provide the best experience to let others in ignorance.

whats this

This feature allows others to see about Your last active On Whatsapp. If we are currently online this shows our current activities. 

why this

You need this because when your friends or anyone send you a message you should reply to them. and if you don't reply to them this will often cause misunderstanding or any problem.

How to Hide

Go to App's Settings <> open Account > click on Privacy >> and you will find the Last Seen > and here you can choose that person's who you don't want to show the Last Seen.

Summing up

So, Friends, I have tried to provide you the best of the best information and tricks and tips and hacks of Whatsapp. I hope you find this helpful for you. If you get a little help from this don't obliviate us as we have worked hard to provide you the best, So don't ignore us.
we have covered the top questions about WhatsApp:

  1. how to make our text bold, italic and strike over through text?
  2. how to know if our Whatsapp hacked?
  3. how to send our location to others to let them know where are you?
  4. how to delete extra account of WhatsApp?
  5. how to hide the Last Seen on our WhatsApp?
  6. how to delete accidentally send messages?
  7. how to pin our most chating friends window on the top to never face any problem to find his profile?
  8. how to save our data and how to stop videos, audios and pictures to auto downloading?
  9. how to save our whatsapp from being hacked?
  10. how to unvisible to others if you see their messages?

If you need more interesting posts and articles like this "New Whatsapp Features and Tricks" you can get my other posts below or the 3 dot icon on mobile on the top right corner. Share this with Your Friends as that they can also use these whatsapp tricks and hacks on their Whatsapp and become an expert Whatsapp user. Finally Thanks For All.


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