Samsung S20,S20 Plus and S20 ULTRA in 2020 with killing features

Samsung S20, S20 Plus & S20 Ultra

Samsung S20,S20 Plus and S20 ULTRA in 2020 with killing features

Finally, Samsung is now going to destroy all expensive brands by launching the world's greatest phone with the name S20, S20 Plusand S20 Ultra. This smartphone may defeat the iPhone brands by its specifications and reasonable price.

The ultimate series of Samsung Galaxy called S20 series will provide in 3 weeks but the news is constantly and continuously coming about this flagship.

s20  ultra

 The new phone from the S series, introduced in 2020, comes out in 3 different versions and it is possible that all three Phones will support 5G technology. Now these phones comes with 5G support will break the lazy internet connection for its users and I think they will enjoy a lot.

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s20 series with 5g

 But according to a new leak, one version of the Galaxy S20 will be quite different from other smartphones in the world as it will be given 16GB RAM.

s20 ultra , 16gb ram

 The Galaxy S20 Ultra is said to be the world's first smartphone with 16GB of RAM.
 Most people are happy with 4 to 8 GB RAM as well, which is enough to keep the software up to speed, but 16 GB RAM is much more our thoughts. The phone will be available with 12 to 16 GB RAM options.

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It is covered with the fastest and latest processor of snapdragon. It's powered by Qualcomm's newest Snapdragon 865 processor. people who love to play heavy games like PubG and others, this phone has the fastest processor for gaming and I know this is the world's best processor and gaming phone for game lovers.

They provide 5000 mAh battery with 45 watts fast charging support which can be 100% charge from full low to full fill in just 70 minutes. The interesting thing is that this phone tries to provide all the things collectively in it and it did. 5000 mAh battery is enough for long-lasting battery life. If we start watching videos with full-screen brightness its battery will completely shut down in 40 to 50 hours, And if you start playing pubG with ultra high resolution this phone will completely dead in 13 hours which is amazing.

s20 ultra display

 The phone will be given a 6.9-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Now this phone user will never face any problem with screen resolution and refresh rate because the huge display will provide the best screen experience and the 120 Hz refresh rate will work like an electric shock.

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This Smartphone Comes with 128 to 512 GB storage with SD card support of up to 1TB.
The Hardisk provided in this phone is the world's fastest hard disk in 2020 and it never loses its speed and quality. The reason for providing 16 GB ram is due to the SD card because they don't want their flagships to lose quality speed. iPhone brands will never provide SD cards in their smartphones and their phones come with 4 to 5 Gb ram only. This is because the SD card Greatly reduces to performance and speed of that phone. But Samsung tried to provide its customers the greatest value of speed and for this, they have increase the number of ram in their smartphone to maintain its speed and performance if any Samsung user uses SD card on that phone

s20 ultra camera

 As far as the camera system is concerned, this is the most prominent feature as it will be equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera with 100 x digital zoom, plus 48-megapixel telephoto, 12-megapixel ultra-wide, and 12 MP Ultra telephoto camera.
This is the world's first phone with 100x digital zooming power. The very strange thing that it is now possible to see far away objects which can't be seen with our necked eye will cleary and cleanly visible on this phone. It is possible that the zooming power of this phone is up to 1km.

This smartphone's video recording is amazing as it support 8K video recording which is not acceptable for our mind and it very strange. Now see word's beauty and nature with your smartphone and it will may defeat your eyes in visuality.

 It will be the first phone in the world to offer a 40-megapixel selfie camera on the front which will be offered in a punch-hole design. This 40- MP camera is only available in Samsung S20 Ultra, and the s20 and s20 plus will only have 10 MP cameras in front but the design is the same as an ultra.

The back camera supports 8k video recording but the front camera will support 4k recording which is the world's first phone will these specifications.

 The three phones from the Galaxy S20 will be introduced during an event on February 11 in a big show.


So We have discussed the key point of Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra Series With all its specifications. I hope you have enjoyed a little. Share your feeling about this phone with us so that we provide you most interesting related posts about technology with you. What Reaction Do You Want to leave

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