Top 5 best Hollywood Movies Of all time (2020 -21)

The Top 5 Hollywood Movies you should Watch

Simply we are trying to discuss the top 5 best Hollywood movies of technology. Everyone tries to watch the best movie in their spare time. So I have listed the best movie from Hollywood for your readers so you can also watch the best one for entertaining and informative.

Top 5 best Hollywood Movies Of all time (2020 -21)

 In fact, this is the time of Technology and why not everyone wants to be in touch with technology and related things. Some people want to get interesting technology news and tricks but most of the people who want to get knowledge and learning from Technology.
 But Technology has both opportunities for getting interesting information and also for getting serious bits of knowledge of Technology.

Now it is possible for everyone to be in touch with technologies because everything in this world is now offering you the information on Technology. You can get knowledge latest technology by TV news, newspaper and more, but, surprisingly, you can get knowledge and future technological ideas by watching the latest Hollywood movies which are providing you every knowledge wants which fun and something is that most of the future strategies shown in movies are not fact but Maybe possible in the future.

Today I will provide you 5 latest and close to fact movies which are Hollywood movies and this movie will provide you more fun facts. So I recommend you to watch these movies with your friends and family.

Top 5 Best Hollywood Movies

1-      Iron Man

\iron man

This movie is more interesting and surprising because everything in this movie is totally animations and it is not fact and truth.
This movie starts in 2008 and it gains more than millions of audience and it becomes viral.
In this movie, the hero of the movie becomes successful in his experience, and he made a surprising Iron Man jacket for him.
This jacket has the ability to fly protect him from anything and can destroy also anything.

If you have an interest in watching this type of movie, then I recommend you to watch this movie also with your friends and family.

2-    Gravity

This movie is on your intelligence and your brain power and how to manage everything.
It shows that when there is nothing that can protect you from the destroyer your brain intelligence have the power to manage completely. 

Gravity shows the possibilities of undesirable catastrophe in space and what to do when disaster strikes out of nowhere in a place where only pure human and experience can get you out of misery. Dr. Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock is a biomedical engineer who is stuck in space with her teammates' fight.

3-The Social Network

the social network

It may break the principle of "no historical reaction", but rarely will some say that this letter written on the basis of Facebook was correct (except in the deprecation scenes). As the author Aaron Sarin said, this is not really a story of invention, but About.  This movie made it to the top of every list this year. If there was a sequel today, see Jensen Eisenberg testifying before Congress.

Social networks are amazingly fun, but their message is actually evil. The Social Network is something of a decoder ring for a popular opinion about Facebook at any given time.

4-The Matrix trilogy (1999 – 2003)

In a sustainable future, what is considered to be a reality is simply a virtual simulation created by emotional machines that have engulfed the human population.  It takes on a whole new meaning of being "plugged in."

 The movie is amazing you can consider it.

5-.   Her   (2013)

In the future Spike Jones view, you won't find anything that resembles a Google Glass or Pebble watch.  Although technology is present everywhere, it is calm and seamless with the main character in Theodore's life and without interruption.  There is no keyboard in this world.  Everything from Theodore's Desktop to the Gaming Console is authentic, including his girlfriend, artificial intelligent OS, and software.

Spike Jones' diamond is a quiet, romantic drama of a peaceful relationship: Theodore Tomboy (portrayed by Yukon Phoenix) and Scarlett Johnson's Samaritan's artificial intelligence operating system.  Surprisingly, they will fall in love.

  Thankfully, in this, the prepared OS leaves the planet for greener pastures.  We can only wait and see.  Until then, enjoy it not only for the tech and future interface but also for the love story about the recovery of a broken man.

Final Thought

So I have listed the top 5 Hollywood movies for you. I think these movies are not the most watching movies. So if I got time to write I will provide you the most watching and loving movies of all time thanks for reading


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