How to Reply WhatsApp Message Without Appearing Online |4 Working Methods|

4 Proved Ways To Reply WhatsApp Messages Without Appearing Online

How to Reply WhatsApp Message Without Appearing Online |4 Working Methods|

Do you want to send or receive any WhatsApp message without letting others know you areonline?

Yes, definitely you want and have a great need for this trick” How to send a message to anyone without being online”.

This trick is not only for fun, you need it and you want this trick urgently. 

I know your needs and for this,
I will share with you some quick and easy tricks for How to send WhatsApp messages without appearing online.

I know why you need this trick urgently, I can guess it. You may want to let people know you are wasting your time on social media sites.

Definitely when they see that you are offline their mind thoughts like this. Or You may want a short conversation.

There are some more reasons which I don’t want to share with you,   I know you already heard about those things.

Why am I providing you WhatsApp tricks?
Not only for fun I know everyone in this world has a smartphone and in their smartphone they have a WhatsApp messaging app.

They including you and me use this app even when they are not in mode twice a day.

When they start using this app they want to surprise or want some quick tricks for Chatting on WhatsApp without changing “last seen”, WhatsApp tips and tricks.
WhatsApp Status tricks.

I already have an article on these things. You can easily access them by using the links given in the keywords. Simply click on it and it will lift you to my that post.

You may know that nowadays WhatsApp is the most chatting messaging app worldwide. No one can’t even ignore this.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app at the moment. The WhatsApp is available for both Android and iOS devices, and millions of users are currently using it.

Compared to every other instant messaging app, the WhatsApp gives users more features and customization options.

Now you will get What You are Searching For? Here is the list of tricks which you can use to hide your last seen in WhatsApp Chatting in   without appearing online, or reply messages in   without being online.
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How to reply to a WhatsApp message without appearing online

  • APPEARING offline with airplane mode
  • Replying directly through notification bar
  • UNSEEN app for android device
  • Use WhatsApp’s Best Alternative

You have got the summary and now you will get the step by step and easy guide for these tricks in a very simple words.

Don’t worry if you can’t understand English. Click on Google Translate and copy the text you want to be in your own language, that's it you go and now get in your language.

That's why?>>>>
Here’s the list you are finding for METHODS TO SEND WhatsApp MESSAGES WITHOUT APPEARING ONLINE.
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Yes, you can also write and send messages in WhatsApp. But the message will only be sent to the people when you are online. Don’t worry our problem is not that. 

We will now know that How to reply to a WhatsApp message without appearing online with the method Airplane Mode.

This method is quite easy, you have to disable both Wi-Fi and mobile networks of your phone. You can easily turn on "Airplane Mode" to turn off all network connectivity. 

Message on whatsapp while offline

Once you do that open WhatsApp and the conversation where you want to leave the message. Write a message and close the WhatsApp Android app.

message without appearing online

Once done, connect to the Internet or disable Airplane mode. WhatsApp will automatically send a message without updating your 'last seen' status.


This trick needs your concentration. You need WhatsApp notification ON for this simple hack.

If you are not getting WhatsApp message notification in your search bar simply go to the WhatsApp notification system and turn it on.

Now When your WhatsApp messages in your notification bar, you are able to apply this simple trick.

You will see that when someone messages you through WhatsApp and you got the message in the notification bar without going to the WhatsApp app, you can reply using that notification. WhatsApp has two options for this trick.

Message on whatsapp without changing the last seen

Now click on reply and send your message to that person. You have done, WhatsApp will send your message without updating your last seen.

Whatsapp message without being online

Means WhatsApp can only update or show you online when you are in the WhatsApp app online.

But in this trick, you had replied to a message out of WhatsApp from the notification panel.
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This trick will complete with the help of an external source. You can hide last seen in WhatsApp way more easily using this app. It also works for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other apps. 

All you need to do is to download this app way more easily for your phone for HERE
It's an app that runs on your smartphone that lets you read any WhatsApp messages while you are offline.
This enables you to technically read the messages 'before you go online' and generate the appropriate response

This simple trick will really work for you if you have an android phone. This app will enable you to see messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram without showing you online.

You can easily find that option more easily from that app.

Method #4 Use WhatsApp’s Best Alternative:

It's a secret, I will reveal this trick soon. This is an advanced WhatsApp app where you can do almost everything. You can hide last seen, lock the chat with password pin or even fingerprint. You can hide typing….., recording….., online.., and even can do everything which you can’t even think of.

I will give that trick’s link here*(...................)*.

You can easily access this trick when it's available and it will be available two or three weeks after. 
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So friends, Do you have the right answer to your question? 

Yes, Now you have the best tricks “how to reply to a WhatsApp message without appearing online”. You can now shock or surprise anyone when they see you are not on WhatsApp from the last 5 days. Then they will think that ( I see he is reading a trick about this on TECHTOUCHME site). 

Don’t worry I also have more WhatsApp tricks for you which you use to easily ménage your Friends; If you are a worker and use WhatsApp daily you can use these tricks to ease and boost your work quality and quantity.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this trick with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere you want.
You can easily find t   option below and can easily share where you are desired. Share anywhere but Please don’t go anywhere without sharing this.

Leave a comment if you have any query or question. I will definitely try to answer or reply to each of your comments as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time. Take care of yourself and your family and again thanks for reading “how to reply to a WhatsApp message without appearing online”.
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