How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories *2 tricks*

2 tricks:

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories *2 tricks*

Hey, Do you want to Share Whatsapp Status to Facebook Stories?

If you are interested in this trick then staying stuck in this post. You will get the latest Tricks for How to share WhatsApp status to Facebook stories. 

Hey, do you know WhatsApp status is not as famous as Facebook and Instagram stories? But People are now enjoying using WhatsApp status. 

Like Facebook and Instagram stories, your status can only be seen by people who are your friends or in your contact lists.

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This post is on How to Send Your Whatsapp Story on Facebook? 

Here I will share with you two tricks which you can use to share your WhatsApp status in the Facebook story. 

These tricks are now simple and easy to understand words, sentences, and phrases. You will enjoy this post and get something valuable. 

Here are the uses of this trick:

You can use this trick to share something that really deserves WhatsApp status as well as a Facebook story.

This trick will help you when you are urgent but don’t miss Whatsapp and Facebook. So You will share it first on WhatsApp status and then from there to Facebook stories.

Before heading over to this post I want to share with you some facts about WhatsApp so you can get bonuses even when you are searching for How to Share Whatsapp Status to Facebook stories.

➽➽In the last 5 years, WhatsApp is the third most downloaded and used messaging and chatting app after Facebook and Instagram.

➽➽According to my research, people use WhatsApp 5 to 10 times a day on average. Its use is about 35 minutes daily on average.

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Now let's jump to the post's root point.

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories

I will show you how this trick applies. These points will completely help you find your desired answer to the question:” Share Whatsapp Status Easily To Facebook Stories”.

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Trick No 1: Share directly from the Given Option:

Open your WhatsApp messenger and head over to WhatsApp status.

Now, Choose a well-formed video and share it as you do before.

After sending that video, image or text You will see that an option has appeared just below that status ( SHARE TO FACEBOOK STORY)

Share whatsapp status to facebook stories

Just click on that appeared link and it will lift you to Facebook and then choose share and it will automatically send your WhatsApp status to the Facebook story.

You have to share it with your Facebook story quickly otherwise the option will disappear and you have to manually share it with your story.

Whatsapp status to facebook stories sharing system

You Can see that on the right side of that link There is a sharing icon.You can click on it to share your WhatsApp status to your desired site except for Facebook.It's not You can't share it with your Facebook story from that button but you have a way more easy way to share it on Facebook from the above trick.

Trick No 2: Here’s the trick if you late to share it:

You can use this trick if the quick option disappears due to too late. In this trick, you can find the interface way more likely to the sharing button in the above trick.
Here’s the quick guide:

➤➤ Open your WhatsApp messenger app in android OR computer and go to WhatsApp status.

➤➤ Now Go to your status and click on the 3 dots that come after your story. 

Sharing whatsapp status to facebook stories

➤➤ After, clicking on those dots you can see your statuses. Choose the one which you want to share for your Facebook story. Click on the 3 dots on the one that comes to your choice.

Facebook stories directly from whatsapp status

➤➤ There you can see 4 different options. Click on the 2nd option “SHARE”. 

➤➤ Now you can find much more sharing options. You can share using any options. But we want to share Facebooke story just click on “your story”.

➤➤ There you can see bundles of options to customize the image or story. Edit the status or story the way you want and tap on the ‘Share to Story’. 

➤➤ You have done. Whatsapp status is now Facebookebook story.

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Hey, you, I know you definitely find this trick helpful for you. Because it's the reality that people are way closer with Facebook and WhatsApp.

This article was about How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories”. 

Now you are aware of this simple and easy trick for how to share WhatsApptsapp status to facebook stories and also other sites like using Bluetooth and……


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