22 best WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks 2020 *Shock anyone*

22 best WhatsApp Status tips and tricks 2020

22 best WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks 2020 *Shock anyone*

WhatsApp status
Has more than sending a short clip or an image. We Can do more with WhatsApp status. Yeah, I am talking about WhatsApp Status Tricks for 2020.

Hey, Are you Using WhatsApp Daily?

Then you are already Familiar with WhatsApp Status. Until now, you may just be sharing a short video clip or an older image. But After knowing these 22 WhatsApp Status tips and tricks you can do even more with your WhatsApp status.

Who knows you may search these WhatsApp status tips and tricks in 2020

I'm sure if not more, some tricks will definitely benefit you. So these tricks can increase your way of using WhatsApp status to 60%.

What are we going to list here?
Yea, here’s the list of 22 Best WhatsApp Status tips and tricks 2020. You can easily find out the best suitable trick for your number wise.

  1. Pause Status:                 
  2. Change font and background color
  3. Add links to status
  4. Change font style
  5. Copy text in type mode
  6. View status from the next person
  7. Format text
  8. Fast-forward status
  9. Change Emoji Color
  10. Zoom status
  11. Add Location
  12. Create GIF
  13. Stop seeing status
  14. Change the size of a pencil
  15. Color Block Status
  16. Zoom with Recording
  17. Switch Cameras
  18. Privacy Setting
  19. Skip An Individual Status
  20. Switch between statuses
  21. Privately Share WhatsApp Status
  22. Create Beautiful posts for WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status is now Competing hard with Facebook and Instagram stories. In 2019 it is the 3rd after Instagram and Facebook stories to use one.

We can find advanced editing tools in WhatsApp status like Instagram stories but we can do even more things using these 22 WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks in 2020.

I think you can no longer have the patience to tolerate the intro so now I am going to share 22 Best WhatsApp Status tips and tricks 2020 with you.

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1. Pause Status/ Pause it as much as you want:

.WhatsApp status works like an airoplane. It never stops even when you are interested in viewing or seeing that particular thing.

Sometimes people send status with the text which we are interested in reading but due to the slideshows of WhatsApp, we can't even read that text completely.

We don't want to leave the text without reading. Not only even in the text we are also interested in seeing images in depth. 

To solve this problem we only have one solution.
  • Just tape on any site of that status and it will never close 

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2. Change font Style and background color: Easy

WhatsApp status also has limitations here. As we know that in WhatsApp status the font and the background color play a vital role.  We can't even ignore this.

You will be pleased when you hear this that you can change the phone style and the background color in WhatsApp status.

Only a few limitations hear that we can't get help from external background colors of fonts.  we have to use inbuilt fonts and background colors. don't worry these are enough to make an attractive WhatsApp status. 

How to change fonts styles

  • Go to the type mode in WhatsApp status and type something. Then repeatedly press on the text icon to change the font style.

Change font style on whatsapp status

How to change background color:

Similarly to the type mode in WhatsApp status and tap on the color palette icon repeatedly to change the background color. You can only have limited options to change these settings

Change background of whatsapp status

3. How to Add links to status

This option is a fascinating one. You can add links to anything in your WhatsApp status. Now let's check how to do this.

Go to WhatsApp status and tap on the pencil icon.  Now type a link to anything in it. In my case, I am simply tools of https://techhtouchme.blogspot.com

Add link on whatsapp status

It also includes the text and you can also change the font style and background color to give it an awesome 👀 look.
Read it:

4. Change font style to your desire:

How to Change The Fonts or font style:
It's Easy and simple;
  • Select picture ( of anything), after this tap on the text icon (top on right corner) and then add text (text you want 😇).

  • font style of whatsapp status

  • Add text in the typing site and then press and hold the color palette anywhere you want. It's not necessary to tap on a specific position. 
  • Now without lifting your finger, swipe left to change the font. You can also go back to the previous font. Swipe right to go back to the previous font without lifting your finger.

There are more interesting and useful fonts which you can also use to create memes. You can add text to the picture by typing anywhere on the screen.

Bonus For Android Users and Extra:

Android users can easily change font style after adding it to the status but phones like iPhone don’t. You can do so by just tap and hold the color palette and easily swipe left or right.

  • Along with style you can also change the font size and position. Simply pinch in and out for font size and drag and drop for position change.

5. Copy text in type mode In Whatsapp status:

Some WhatsApp status consist of tests and sometimes we want to copy that text for use. WhatsApp offers you this simple trick after it shows on statuses. You can follow these easy steps to take so:

  • Take your way to the WhatsApp status tab and tap on the three dot icon of any status you want to copy the text.
  • Now tap and Hold the text consistent status and you can see it different from others. You will find three 3 icons in the top right corner.
  • Simply tap on the copy icon ( center one) and you have done. Every text in the status will be copied to your clipboard and you can easily paste it anywhere you want.

copy text on whatsapp status

Not only one status text, you can also copy every status or multiple status text at one time. To do this select every status you want to copy the text and click on the copy symbol, and it’s copied.

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6. View status Of next person When You Are In another one:

You may be familiar with this trick and it's easy. We know when we are watching anyone’s status we can see how many things he placed in his status by the horizontal  bar on the top. But If you want to see another’s status while on the other one You can.

You can easily switch between statuses. 
  • To move to the previous person’s status swipe right on the screen.
  • To move to the next person’s status simply swipe left on the screen anywhere you want.

7. Format text to awesome Ones:

Hey, Do want a unique style for your text that no one knows?

If yes, then you can change the font style and make it bold, italic, strike through or even mono space. There are two ways to use this Whatsapp Status tip. Trust me no one of your friends familiar with it. I’ll explain it in the following two ways:

  • While typing a status text simply select all. You will see some options after selecting all. That's way you can change the text format to your will.

  • text style change in whatsapp status

  • You can also get helps from the symbols to format the text into 4 awesome ways. I already have a blog post on it. So I don’t use that tactics here again. You can Easily click on the link to read that awesome post.

8. Fast-forward status (View another one quickly):

Yeah, this one will be helpful for you. You can easily fast-forward status to another one easily. You can also back to see the previous one.
It's easy to skip a status from the same one and fast-forward the slideshow.

Do You want to know this easy trick?
  • Tap on the right edge of your phone to fast-forward the slide show. This trick will close the  playing one and start next of the same person’s status.
  • Tap on the left edge of your phone to go back to the previous status which you may played or missed.

9. Change Emoji Color (available in whatsapp status):

This feature is awesome. You can also change the emojis color in whatsapp status. This trick only work for the selected emoji. You can choose color for emoji that suits your will well.

I’ll explain this simple Whatsapp Status hack in easy ways:

  • Go to whatsapp status side and click on the camera (right below corner). You can either capture a new photo or select anyone from your lists.
  • Now tap on the Emoji icon and add emoji by tapping on it. You can find the emoji icon top right side of the window just after text icon.

change emoji in whatsapp status

  • Select the emoji which you want to change the color, select the desired color from color slider and done

10. Zoom status (Clarify it):

This is simplest but useful trick of Whatsapp Status in this post. It will help you when you want to check someone’s picture too closely to see details. You should not use this trick to see something wrongs. This trick is only for good wishers.

Simply use your fingers to pinch in for zooming and pinch out to minimize it. Pinch in (use any two fingers and tap on the screen equally. Then up down your fingers and you will see the magic)

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11. Add Location (in a unique style)

You may realize while seeing someone’s status that they are carrying a location sticker. It's not only the sticker but the real location of that person. WhatsApp Supports time location as well as only location. You can call it dynamic stickers. 

Instagram's lovers are already familiar with this trick.

Do You want to add your location in your WhatsApp status like others?

  • Add a picture and then tap on the emoji icon. You will see there a location sticker click on it and select your location.

add location in whatsapp status

12. Create GIF *With your videos)

You can create GIF from any video by just following some tricks. This trick will only work when you use a video of equal or less than 6 seconds. 
But you can also use videos of any length and after using it trim to fit for GIF.
Here’s the step-by-step guide:
  • Tap on the camera icon in the status side. Capture a video or select one

create GIF with whatsapp status

On the editing section you will see the video editing options. Simply make that long video a 6-second short clip. When you do so you will see the GIF option on the right center side.

send GIF on whatsapp status

Now simply select the GIF options and tap on the send button to share it with your friends as a GIF.

13. Stop seeing status (Boring ones)

We are in contact with most people on whatsapp and sometimes we don’t want to see their  statuses. Even when we don’t want to see their status and when we are seeing someone’s status it will automatically start without any permission.

Now we are listed the viewers of his/her status. We don’t want to do so.
But what's the solution?
Friends, I am the solution. Today you will get rid of the status of the people which you don’t even want to see.

And that person will never see you viewing the status he/she shares. If you see they know so don’t see after this trick.

This situation can easily be handled by mute that’s people. When you do so the status of that muted person will appear separately at  the bottom in the muted updates labels under the statuses.

You can watch the status by clicking manually on the status.

How to Mute Anyone’s status and can they see my whatsapp status.

mute someone on whatsapp status


To mute anyone’s status, tap and hold the contact which you want to mute under the status list. You can easily mute it from the pop-up menu after taping and holding.

14. Change the size of a pencil *Not Too Useful):

It's easy to change the color of the pencil but when it comes to pencil size up down its secret. You need this trick while using some pics. 

How to do so: Well.

  • Tap on the pencil icon in the top right corner and then tap and hold on the color palette even when the pencil icon changes its shape to three dots.

  • Now don’t lift your finger from the screen and swipe right or left to increase or decrease the pencil icon’s size.
15. Color Block Status *Thieve Status):

You can use this trick to fully color any image in your whatsapp status. You can now take advantage of the camera for color block status.

This trick can be explained in these ways:

Capture an image or select one from your device in the status tab.

  • ⤯⤮⤮Now tap on the Pencil icon and from the color palette, tap on the color that you want to use or fill the whole image with.
  • Tap and hold on the screen for a while and you will see that the background is filled with that specific color.

16. Zoom While Recording _most useful_:

Here if you want to zoom in a video you can pinch in. But You don’t know that there is another way only in WhatsApp that you can use to zoom in or zoom out while you are recording. Whatsapp offer you a way more simple way:

Hold the video button to start recording and then using the same finger move up and down or slightly move your finger on the screen to zoom in and zoom out. You can stop recording by lifting your hand or finger.

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17. Switch Cameras _Front and Back_:

The simple way we used to switch between cameras. While recording or even while taking pictures, it's not possible. 

For the solution, you can use double tap to switch cameras instantly on the screen. This trick works on video as well as pictures mode.

18. Privacy Setting (Try it when you don't want someone to see your status):

There are three privacy settings on WhatsApp status bar. These settings include wishlist contact, default and their list. The default includes every one of your contacts that will see your status.

In wishlist contact you can contact the same contacts to show your status. Others will not be allowed to see your status. You can also only see someone’s status if you are listed in his/her contact list.

If you are willing to change the privacy setting here're the steps:

Go to the status tab and tap on the three-dot icon at the top-right side. Select your desired status privacy.

Select contacts which you are interested in showing your status.

You can blacklist or whitelist any contact but it depends on the options you select. In the above image you can select people who you don't want to let see your status. In below you can select people to let them see your status.

19. Skip An Individual Status

WhatsApp statuses slideshows one after one without doing anything. Similar to the above one whatsapp status trick you can switch on to another in a single status. 

This is the alternative of the above one Whatsapp Status Hack. Just click on the status and it will leave you another one.

20. Switch between statuses

This trick is explained in another post; link:

You can find not only this trick but also 10 more whatsapp tips and tricks which have amazingness than this one. That post is for 2020

21. Privately Share WhatsApp Status

You can share any of your status privately to your desired ones. This trick also works like the upper explained one.

You can see that one again to know also about this trick.

22. Create Beautiful posts for WhatsApp Status

This Whatsapp Status trick will go using external tools because you can’t even create beautiful posts for  WhatsApp status without getting help from extern

You can create an outstanding WhatsApp status using CANVA  or any other tools from Google Play Store.


Oh! I think you got way more enough Whatsapp status tips and tricks to surprise your friends or anyone. These tricks works for me even better.

This huge list contain 22 Best Whatsapp status tips, tricks and hacks for 2020. Every whatsapp user don't know how they can lift their whatsapp using experience to few step high.

Every people including student, house wife, husband, father, mother or even everyone can use these whatsapp tricks or whatsapp hacks to show quality and unique to others.

This post "Whatsapp status tips and tricks 2020" really needs your attention. You liked it but you have't share it on social media or with your friends. If you don't share it my mission will left as incomplete and my hard work will never worth me. So please its my responsibility to ask you and now its up to you.

Ask me what you want and whats your reaction for this post in the comment. Share with us what you learned something new about Whatsapp status after getting this post. 
I am waiting for your response and I will definitely each of your comments. Thanks and We will meet in a next outstanding one. Take care or yourself and your family in these difficult situtations.

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