How to Use Whatsapp on a Computer and Laptop |9 Tactics|

How to Use Whatsapp on Computer and Laptop 2020

Use whatsapp on pc and laptop
In 2020, about 90% of smartphone users have Whatsapp on their phones. Around 8% of Smartphone users use Whatsapp on a computer, 12% on Laptop, and 17% on Tablet.

But still, we are not using Whatsapp on a computer, laptop, and tablet, but others are using it.
You can also use WhatsApp on your computer without any problem even better than your smartphone. 
How you can Use Whatsapp On a computer?
I know you are searching for these questionshow to use WhatsApp on PCto get answers quickly.
But here you not only find the best techniques to use Whatsapp on a computer but few more tricks also.
Today you can get all the tricks and tips to use Whatsapp on your PC without your smartphone.
If not every method, 1 will definitely help you and you can easily use Whatsapp on your PC.
Whatsapp is the most downloaded and active messaging app on the play store.
2020’s survey reveals that people use Whatsapp 11 times and 49 minutes a day on average.
Everyone including you and I have our own style of using Whatsapp.I can’t specify what you are doing with your Whatsapp right now?.
There are a few reasons for this. Whatsapp offers Messaging, chatting, audio calling, photos sharing and even video calling without any problem.
Billions of people are using Whatsapp daily and everyone has a problem with Whatsapp.
We are providing you pieces of information on Whatsapp for years. Whatsapp has some tips and tricks that are secret and also has some interesting features.
If you are interested in Whatsapp hidden features, click here on Whatsapp tricks, Whatsapp status tricks.
You are reading this post because you have to use a computer for some reason and at that time you can’t use the phone also.
But How you can use Whatsapp on your Computer?
Here are Some Working and used methods to use Whatsapp on PC. Every method is good but you can use the better one also.
Read it clearly and I will tell you which one is better and for whom?

WhatsApp Web |whatsapp on the internet/web|

This is the easiest way to use Whatsapp on your PC, laptop, and even tablet. This feature is not so much popular because it launched a few years back. 
WhatsApp Web is a browser version of the popular Whatsapp messenger chat and video/voice calling app that we all aware of mobile devices to iOS. 
You can choose either a downloadable system app for Mac and Windows or the ability to operate directly from the browser. 
WhatsApp Web functions as an extension of your mobile Whatsapp account and all messages get fully synced between your phone and your computer.
It helps you to get everything onto your PC as it shows on your android.
These are some features and intro of Whatsapp web to fully aware you from its basics and now I walk you through how to use Whatsapp web?
How To Use Whatsapp Web?
Here is the step-by-step guide to using Whatsapp web on your PC, laptop, and tablet way more easily:
➤➤ Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, safari, edge, opera, UC, or any…) and click on the URL typer.
Whatsapp web

➤➤ Now launch Whatsapp Web, after a while, you will see an interface like this. They ask you to scan the QR code from your smartphone.
Whatsapp web

➤➤ They will also provide you a simple guide for how to scan QR code from your smartphone.
➤➤ If you don’t want to see that instruction, follow these steps to know them quickly. 
➤➤ Open your Whatsapp messenger app from your smartphone and click on the 3 dots shown in the top right corner. 
➤➤ Now click on the 3rd option (Whatsapp web) and scan the QR code shown on your computer, laptop screen.
➤➤ Now you have done it! It's time to enjoy Whatsapp on your computer even better than your smartphone.
Don’t confuse yourself from to feature, it’s as easy as in your smartphone. Just a few differences you will see like different interfaces, and other things.
It’s not needed to guide you from those things because you will learn them just after a few time uses. If everything is done by me then who are you and why are you here??
If this feature doesn’t work for you try the below features to enjoy Whatsapp on your pc. But don’t leave without getting full information and your desire.
So without any further talks, I am lifting you to your mental satisfaction.

WhatsApp Desktop App |as like Whatsapp android app|

Whatsapp desktop app

In Google Play Store you can easily find out Whatsapp App but is there any desktop app for a computer that you can also easily find out from your computer?
Of course and that's the reason why I am here. Whatsapp has both android, iPhone, and desktop versions to make its users satisfied.
The desktop version runs on Windows 8 or higher and Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. Don't worry if you are using windows 7, as there are more ways to get it also in windows 7.
It was launched in May 2016 and offers a lot of functionality as a mobile app with a few notable exceptions.
 Perhaps the biggest limitation is that WhatsApp currently does not allow users to make audio and video calls from desktop operating systems.
Now it's time to get Whatsapp computer version on your PC and now there will be no need for mobile and other related things.

Whatsapp Desktop App: How to

➤➤ Download Whatsapp Desktop version that is compatible with your operating system. Maybe 32 or 64-bit version doesn’t work on each other.
➤➤ Now install it as before, Like other software 
➤➤ After installation opens it and waits for a second. It will show you a QR code that you can scan easily from your smartphone.
➤➤ As I mentioned in the above trick follow that few steps here to get Whatsapp on your computer.
➤➤ You should have a smartphone connected with your computer and It's the biggest limitation of this version.
To overcome these difficulties I walk you through my next method which will amaze you if you are not aware of this before. It could solve many of your problems so be interested and follow.

Bluestacks App Player | Android For PC|

Bluestacks app player

This is a player that can play everything that works on your smartphone on your computer without any problem and difficulty within a minute.
To use the WhatsApp on a PC or laptop, you'll need to install an Android emulator called Bluestacks  App Player. 
Make sure that this app has 2 versions, normal and pro.
People like you and I can face too many problems while downloading and running the normal version of this app.
I recommend its pro version called Thin Bluestacks app but first, we should check out its normal version.
Now it's time to download and install this app, click here to download blue stack app easily.
This link will walk you through its official website where you can download its setup and then it will automatically download and install the bluestack app for you.
Make sure there are more than 2 GB of free space in the installation drive, otherwise you will get an error. Don't worry free up space and then try again.
If you receive a warning message regarding a graphics or driver, ignore it and choose OK and be on your way.
After installation, you will see a screen as you are seeing and now select the 'Messaging' icon and choose the WhatsApp to download and install.
Click on the WhatsApp icon to start downloading WhatsApp on PC.
After downloading, you will see the status installed under WhatsApp and now you will click on the WhatsApp icon to open the WhatsApp Messenger app.
As soon as you open the WhatsApp on your PC, you will see a screen at the bottom saying click "Agree and Continue".
Just click on agree and continue and follow to steps as you before in your smartphone when setting up Whatsapp first time like enter your mobile number, to get a verification code from Whatsapp to confirm that You are the man.
They will send you a verification code as before in your phone, enter your verification code and continue.
Don't worry if it takes a long time to get the verification code just use the call function for your verification code.
This app will not only solve your Whatsapp problems but also makes your dreams true of playing mobile games like PUBG or using android apps onto your PC. 

Nox App Player |Another Android Emulator|

Nox app player

The biggest alternative to Bluestacks, Nox App Player is another Android emulator for android lovers on PC.
It works like the above one but they promise better performance and user experience.
Thanks to its cutting-edge engine that ensures compatibility with over 90% of Android apps and games, and your desires on 'Whatsapp'.
Download NOX App Player from its official website and install it. Click here to Go to its official website to download it.
Open it and sign in with your Google Play account. As you always doing whenever you reset your smartphone.
Now it’s easy for you to download Whatsapp on that app like your Google Play Store. Just type Whatsapp on it and install it.
Open WhatsApp in Nox App Player and follow the instructions like put your number and verify it.
A verification message will arrive in a moment and offer you to use WhatsApp on your computer.
If the verification message doesn’t arrive at your smartphone or number retry and even use call functions to get the verification code.

MEMU |Android Emulator for PC|

Memu android emulator for pc

The third most advanced android emulator. Memu, an Android emulator that promises better experience in video games, thanks to which you can get any of the many things you can find for mobile phones and tablets, directly on your computer. 
Its smoothest interface allows you to get and use every android game just after installation without check settings and any typical things.
Not only you can use video games and play, but also you will be able to run apps and android players.
This android emulator can affect your PC functionality like it can decrease the speed of your PC, lacking its performance.
But these are not its bad qualities. Actually, these runs heavily on your computer and it uses many more rams to give you a better performance.
Antivirus and software with windows can affect its installation so make sure it such type of error occurs turn off your antivirus or firewall or Windows defender and then try again.
If you don’t want to use the above 2 android emulator download and install and use Memu.Click Here to Download and Install MEMU from its official website.

YouWave |Same as above but…|

YouWave android emulator

Here is another powerful android emulator if you don’t want to use the above-mentioned emulators.
Using Youwave you can easily download thousands of apps online via app stores.
YouWave is an Android Emulator based on a Virtual box, which allows you to use android applications on your PC without any problem. 
YouWave has its own virtual disk space, which is separated from the Windows File-system.
This means it will never cover your disk space as it already has its own.

Wassapp: WhatsApp for PC Client

When something that we want doesn’t seem to be completing other ways on the way opens for us.
When Whatsapp applies some rules on its android application like last seen, number block, and double blue ticks, the developers create its solution named GB Whatsapp where we can find everything that is impossible in WhatsApp’s the official app.
Wassapp is a PC application formed to be a non-official client for the WhatsApp app.
You just have to type your phone number, import or backup your contacts and chat/record/video call with anyone you want instantly using your keyboard and mouse.
 This application allows you to use Whatsapp as you can on your smartphone because it has a great user-friendly and easy to use interface.

Vysor |Controller|

Vysor aims to make it easier for anyone to beam the screen activities of an Android device as well as computer-related controls.
This happens without the use of a data connection but on a USB cable.
You need to install a vysor Chrome extension and connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable.
If you want to learn how to connect using Vysor to computer and android here is a quick step-by-step guide:
  • Now it's time to download and install vysor on your android. Open play store, download, and install vysor on your smartphone.
  • Here you have to enable USB debugging mode from your android setting. Go to setting and find developers mode and enable USB debugging.
  • Open Vysor on your computer and pair it with Vysor on your smartphone.
  • That’s the free version you are downloading and installing. If you want to get full access to this client You need to purchase the premium version of Vysor.
  • When you love it you can get its monthly subscription for $2.50, Yearly subscription for $10, and lifetime subscription for $40.

DeskDock | share with android|

Here we are not talking about an android emulator or any unofficial Whatsapp client. It is interesting software to be used.
It allows you to share your computer’s mouse and keyboard with your Android device.
The one thing interesting about it is its no root requirement to work, and it also supports Windows, macOS, and others some steps to follow and it allows you to use your PC’s mouse and keyboard for your android device.
For this, you have to connect an android application Dock to PC client Desk dock.
Once you start using it you will find it more convenient and reliable. Slowly moving the mouse cursor on the desktop client allows you to move on android also, typing using a keyboard will experience a lot more.
Here a quick and easy guide to use this application as soon as possible:
➤➤ Google Play Store|> Install DeskDock on your Android device. Just type desk dock on the play store’s search bar and press Install. The lick will allow you to install the application directly from here.
➤➤ Now Download and install the DeskDock Server application on your PC. Install DeskDock Directly from here.
➤➤ You have to connect your mobile device to your computer via a USB cable. This feature always needs a USB cable to enable its features.
➤➤ If you are using Windows, install ADB drivers as well. It's a needed part of this application. Without this driver, this application may not work.
➤➤ Now it's time to connect both servers, launch deskdock PC client and deskdock mobile application and connect both.

Points Missed:

Friend, it is possible that I missed some biggest points that you are searching for. I don’t want to left your desires in completely and it’s not possible that you can’t find the right answer to your question here.
So some Note able points will be here in a question and answer form so you can easily find the missed point in the above content:

Is it possible to use WhatsApp on PC without a phone?

You can use the Android emulators that I listed above (4 android emulators) to install Whatsapp on your PC. These features allow you to use WhatsApp on Your PC without a Smartphone.

Can I use WhatsApp Web without QR code?

I can’t find the right answer to this question because there is no option to use the Whatsapp web without QR code. But you can use the above-mentioned methods to use it without QR code on your computer, laptop, and even on a tablet.

Can I log back to the WhatsApp web after I logged out without scanning the QR code? 

No! The only way to log in, again and again, is through scanning with QR code. You can’t find any other options except the QR code scanning option.

How to use WhatsApp on a computer without bluestacks?

Methods like another android emulator that are the alternatives of bluestacks like NOX, youwave, and mamu.  You can also use the unofficial app “wassapp” as guided above or use Whatsapp web.

How to use Whatsapp on a laptop?

A laptop is also originally computer so everything is similar to desktop and laptop. You can use the above-mentioned methods to use Whatsapp on your laptop as on your computer.

How to get bluestacks for PC?

In the above second methods where I explained bluestacks you can also download the best bluestacks app player for your PC and laptop.

What are the problems faced when login form PC and android also?

When I tried to log in on pc they log out me form my android Whatsapp account and ask me to verily again. When I verify my account on my phone, they log out to me form PC. I can’t find the answer and solution to this problem.


Not only these techniques work for you to use Whatsapp on your PC, laptop, or tablet, but there are several more ways.
The most convenient and easy to access methods are listed above.
I hope these methods helped you to use Whatsapp on your PC without any problem.
To cover missed points, I added a question and answer session at last to give you a summary of missed needed points in one place.
Here not only my ideas and experiences I added, but also I searched every page on this topic on Google, YouTube, and Quora and try to give you all in one solution.
If my hard work tends to give you a little help, let me know in the comment section below.
It will be a pleasure for me to reach each of your comments and reply back.
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I am requesting you again to share it on social media platforms, that way it can reach most the people with your sharing.
If you have any questions or queries or want to ask me something, or just want to say Hi, comment below, and thanks for reading How to use Whatsapp on computer and laptop.
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