11 Tips and Tricks To Increase Battery Life of Smartphone for Hours (after 7 phones)

11 tips and tricks to increase smartphone battery performance and life

Friend, knowing tricks to increase smartphone battery life is not enough. we should understand that Our Smart Phone Battery life or Battery timing is directly and indirectly affected by some major factors. 

Few of them include screen brightness, Refresh rate, Data uses, Wi-Fi use, how processors processing, screen resolution, battery affecting apps, and much more.

In this post it is my responsibility to provide you the top 11 tips to improve your smartphone's battery life for hours. 

Some people use their Smartphones in the wrong way and then say that this Oh my phone is not good, I should replace it to a better one and recommends others not to buy that smartphone.

tips and tricks to increase smartphone battery life
Actually, we know that they are not able to get the best from that Smartphone. They never understand what they lost due to their very little knowledge about the phone they have lost forever.

If you have some idea to increase and how to extend the smartphone's battery life, I recommend you to read this because I will give some hidden tricks that most people are not aware of. 

If you have not bought any smartphone yet then you should buy Smartphones with a better battery that has a minimum of 2700 MAH battery.

reducing brightnesss of smartphone to increase battery life

This is because smartphones Will provides you better battery life experience. 

So let's start the list I collected for you from 20 different sites, youtube and off course from my own experiences.

Top 11 Tricks To Increase Smart Phone's Battery Life

 Reduce Brightness Level (+41 min):

Go into your display settings and reduce the brightness level on the screen; your eyes and battery will bless you.

You should consider disabling auto-brightness, which adjusts based on your perceived needs but can also raise the brightness of your display higher than it needs to be.

Most time you didn't need a Bright screen for your need so remember to decrease the brightness level.

It is important because it can directly affect our eyes which will create very serious problems for our eyes.

Look at me, I always use safety glasses when working on a computer or using a smartphone because I experience it from my elders especially from my cousin.

 He always plays games on PC with full brightness. But after 3 years we have to face serious problems regarding his eyes. 

His eyes will completely be damaged if we did not force him to see a doctor because he has pain in his eyes from weeks.

So now I am advising you to use glasses like me as my eyes are totally perfect but for only the purpose of safety.  

If you can't get a glass, no problem use your phone with a minimum brightness level.
brightness is zero for better battery life

This will provide better benefits to your battery life and especially for your eyes.

You cannot feel it but your eyes lose quality day by day but in less amount.

decrease useless volume to increase battery performance
Decrease Useless Volume (+23 min):

Every smartphone user gets a notification in the lot and that's the reason for poor battery life.

You can decrease that Useless notification volume to increase your battery life.

Sometimes people sleep while a notification is still on and they say that at the whole night 3 to 4 percent of the battery decrease.

This is due to because they don't off notifications therefore for every notification the screen comes to on and due to several times the screen on at night becomes the reason for battery decrease.

Turn on power saving mode (+12 min):

You can choose the power-saving mood to increase battery life for a while.

When you on this mode it revokes the background applications and other hidden activities running in mobile phone and just give permission To run that specific application which you have opened and are using.

If you're going to be stuck in a situation where you need your phone battery to last longer than it normally does then this option is better for you.

Turn on Airplane mode (+11 min):

airplane mode for battery life

The mobile data is the true enemy of the battery. Both compete well but when you use a mobile phone with data it starts eating the battery quickly.

Sometimes you just playing games and you have WiFi connection then simply go to setting turn on Airplane mode.

Turn off Some Features (+23 min):

turning off some features to increase battery performance

Sometimes we have to go to some places where we have to face an electric shortage and much more. There we can use this tip to increase the battery life of our phones.

Also, we don't look at these Minor things thinking that they are not affecting anywhere. But the truth is it destroys and eats your battery much faster.

I recommend you to turn off these things which include wifi, data, Bluetooth, location and a few others when nothing need of this for better battery experience.

Don't use live Wallpapers ( +19 min):

live walpaper reduces the battery life

I think you have understood the reason why I recommend you this so please follow for long-lasting battery life.

Actually, they use the battery as watching videos at the same rate.so don't use these types of applications.

Use Specific Charger ( not necessary):

original charger for battery life

You can use any type of charger but the original charger is better for the smartphone.

this is because the company has made the charger for that specific device to charge them completely and better and long-lasting life of the battery.

But you can use any charger of any company but they should be original. using the original charger but not that specific device charger decreases the life of the battery for more time.

You can expect more battery life using its original charger.

Turn off Notifications for apps ( +8 min):

turn off notification for apps to reduce battery life

You can also turn off all the notifications for apps to increase the battery life for hours.

These notifications also affect your battery life badly. So keep in mind that notifications are turned off completely for better battery life experience.

Keep control On Apps (+6 min):

Applications have a bad effect on battery life, they are working on backgrounds but you can't see this. And they have a bad effect on your battery life and decrease your battery quickly.

keep control on the notification of apps to reduce battery losing

For getting control of your apps to go to setting and turn off all the notifications for that apps first and then go to the permission site and limit their permission.
control on permission of apps

Reboot Your Smart Phones weekly (healthy battery for years):

reboot smartphone for battery long lasting

As every person needs refreshment these devices also need a refresh for its long-lasting and better life. The battery needs to be a rest for a while but if you don't give that facility for the battery you will face poor battery life.

So keep in mind if you get time to reboot or restart your phone then you can do this every day or once a week.

You will see that your phone works better after every. Restarting So you can do this restart your phone now it's time to give rest for your phone. 

Don't Increase Or Decrease Battery Percentage From Limit (benefit for a battery for a long drive):

I strongly recommend you that don't charge your phone up to 80% or 90% because this is very necessary for better battery life and getting a long-lasting battery.

85% battery life better than 100%

You should never decrease your battery percentage from 15% because as every smartphone gives it as a warning sign and I also tell you that this is a real warning sign for you because when you decrease your better life below 15 you are decreasing your battery life for hours.

15% BATTERY life is better than 0%

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So friends we have discussed the top 10 tricks hacks and formula which can make your smartphone battery life better.

I have provided the following question's answers in detail step by step.

Complete tricks to save your smartphone from being hacked:

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  • Decrease Useless Volumes for long-lasting battery life and how to decrease it?
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  • Turn off some features and how to get benefits?
  • Why live wallpapers eat battery life and how you can increase your phone's battery life?
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  • How to get control of apps which increase battery life?
  • Reboot your phone for battery life but why?
  • what is the limit of battery charging and how it works for battery life?

We all use a Smartphone for our works and we need long-lasting battery life and this post "Top 11 tricks to increase smartphone's battery life" will completely guide you on how to get the most powerful battery life. 

So I believe that if you follow these tips you never face any problem with your Smartphone battery life.

These informations includes breakicehere post too.

I hope you have enjoyed a lot and learn something new from this post. If you like this post please don't hesitate to share and to subscribe our blog and you never miss any update.

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